Car Protection

(This Is Actual Uber Attack!)

Millions of times every day, around the globe people walk to and from their automobile without incident, then, there are those events where walking to the vehicle is fearful because a few people have been attacked walking to and from their automobiles.

We all have places we require to be. School, work or out with friends. Therefore, we invest a lot of time in our cars and trucks. Have you ever stopped to think about how to place equipment and items in your vehicle or truck, so they are simply accessible in the event of an accident or even a deadly force encounter?

Everyone is most vulnerable to attack the first few seconds while entering into and out of an automobile. Situations like panhandling and street harassment, or crimes such as robberies, carjackings, kidnappings, rapes, and murders are committed around cars.

The increased vulnerability occurs with distractions of daily life: getting to appointments, opening the automobile door, putting things into the car, getting inside it, and closing the vehicle door. Criminals watch this

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