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S.T.R.E.E.T Combat Defense System's

Adult Co-Ed Basic
Self Defense/Stick Defense

In just 3 hours, 18 people will learn just how simple real effective self Defense can be and how BRUTAL you can become, when you add a stick in your hands, your CHANCES of surviving a street attack can become much more simple and effective!   

This is NOT
Stick Fighting!  

stick fighting  takes a professional instructor to train you in this field.

  If our hand to hand is vicious, just think what happens when you add a stick.
($20 Kali Stick provided and yours to keep!)

Only 18 participants in any seminar.  Teens 15-17 may join the course at a separate price and a parent MUST! attending


Course will be held at

 Salem Public Library, 585 Liberty St. S.E., 

Salem, OR.

We teach this explicitly because of its use in ALL climates and condition of combat! The hand to hand combat techniques used were useful in scorching heat, torrential tropical and forest rain falls, heavy snowfalls, blizzards, severe cold with inefficient clothing with the ground and equipment freezing... but that is NOT the only reason....

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