Specialty Courses

Our Specialty Courses designed for anyone to attend. While The S.T.R.E.E.T. Combat Defense System has levels and you MUST attend each one in order before advancing to the next step, Specialty Courses without any previous training. Currently, these are the only courses that are available in our Specialty Courses. We have other of these courses, but we only offer what we are equipped to handle at this time.

Knife Defense: Many people carry a pocket knife every day. But almost no one gives the actual how to work with it part more than a passing thought. If you carry a knife for self-protection ask yourself a profoundly serious question; can I cut/stab another human, probably resulting in their death?.….Read More

Improvised Weapons: An improvised weapon is an object that wasn’t designed to be used as a weapon but can be used as one. They are commonly used for self-defense where the person is otherwise unarmed. Improvised weapons are common everyday objects that are utilized in a multiplicity of daily applications. These objects changed in any way, in an attempt to make them more functional as weapons. They are kept in their usual state……Read More

Car Protection: Carjacking is often a fast and brutal crime, one where the crook uses violence and the force to accumulate the vehicle. Carjackers tend to target people who are alone, and they typically strike when the person is getting prepared to get into their vehicle. Parking multiple, gas stations, and outside retail stores are all places where you require to be on warning……Read more