what we are not

Since we have been teaching in Salem, there has been a rise in self-protection classes and instructors. A few of them know what they are doing, but a few are trying to be a copy of what I am doing. Most people that join these so called,” self-defense courses” and after 3-6 months they realize that what they are learning is NOT what they wanted. Some classes wish you to, “train like an elite soldier.” While that is fine, a few people either do not want that or can’t physical keep up with the course.

So, we are going to take time out
and show you what we are NOT!
Here are the top 4 courses that are offered in Marion County,

Martial arts is excellent to study if what you want is to learn self-self-control, traditional fighting techniques, fitness, and confidence. Depending on what art you select, martial arts teach you striking capabilities, joint locks, throws and grappling. When you know martial arts, you can defeat opponents by utilizing a multiplicity of punching, kicks, knees, elbows, locks, and throws.

"Martial arts are fun and challenging but
it won’t prepare you for REAL STREET FIGHTS.” 

Martial arts is a ring or mat sport, where you are taught to combat other people often who are utilizing the same Martial art, playing by that Martial arts rules, and there is a referee and a corner to throw the towel in if you are getting beaten. You can’t do that in a REAL Street Assault.

Tae Kwon Do: 

means ‘to strike or break with foot’ and is the national sport of South Korea. Beginning in 1945, after the closing of the occupation of Korea by Imperial Japan, new martial arts schools called kwans opened in Seoul. 

These schools established by Korean martial artists who had learned primarily in Japan in the course of the Japanese rule. Taekwondo is the world’s largest martial art participation and has been an Olympic sport since the 2000 games.

Doesn’t Taekwondo have any methods to stop an attacker in this circumstance? What occurs if the attacker takes you to the ground? Taekwondo is fun and challenging competitive sport, but it won’t prepare you for REAL STREET FIGHTS.

Taekwondo is a sport where you are taught to combat other people using Taekwondo, playing by Taekwondo rules. In the streets, there are no rules! Your attacker will bite, gouge, spit or do whatever they have to damage you. 

Created during Wartime in the 1940″s, by the Great, Imi Lichtenfeld. While he did create Krav Maga, he did not create Hand to Hand Combat. He was trained by the British Army when they made him an officer while serving in Africa. One of the qualifications that were MANDORTORY was training in hand to hand combat, which is now part of the Krav Maga’s arsenal.

He developed and refined his unique method for self-defense and hand-to-hand combat. But today you don’t have to go to Israeli to learn this art. There are several versions of Krav Maga in America. Which is Authentic? Which is the Best? Which is recognized by the IDF? (Israeli Defense Forces) I’m quite sure they each will say they are but how will you truly know?

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a mixture of Boxing, Traditional Martial Arts, Jiu Jujitsu, Muay Thai, Wrestling, and Judo. It is a full-contact fight sport that facilitates the usage of both striking and grappling methods, both standing and on the field, from a multiplicity of other combat sports and martial arts.

Originally promoted as a competition with the intention of getting with the most efficient martial arts for real unarmed combat cases, challenges pitted against each other with few rules.