Car Protection

Level 1. Course Car Protection

Millions of times every day, all around the globe, people walk to and from their vehicles without without incident. But every so often, someone gets attacked while getting into or out of their automobile, truck or van. The fear of being carjacked or worse is very real.

Everyone is affected by the distractions of daily life: running to appointments, putting packages in the car, bring the kids to school. We are most vulnerable during the few seconds spent entering and exiting our vehicles. Criminals watch for this. Incidents like panhandling and street harassment, or crimes such as robberies, carjackings, kidnappings, rapes, and murders are committed in these moments.

Car Protection

Have you ever stopped to think about how to place objects or items in your vehicle, so they are easily accessible in the event of an accident, an intrusion, or an encounter involving deadly force? In this Course, we cover topics such as this, as well as situational awareness, how to deal with unwanted encounters, what to do if you are in a carjacking situation, and more.

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