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Lord’steven Michael Smith

Master Chief Instructor/creator

S.T.R.E.E.T. Combat Defense System

Instructor Smith realizes that the world is constantly growing and changing. That means that the dangers a person may face on the street are always fluctuating. To keep up with this ever-shifting need, Instructor Smith is dedicated to constantly learning from the best trainers and minds in personal self-defense from around the country and the WORLD.

He has been studying martial arts for almost 50 years, and he refuses to stop learning. It is his mission to improve at every opportunity, so he and his S.T.R.E.E.T. Combat Defense System are always ready to help people defend themselves.

* Trained in Urban Warfare / Fifth Level Defender 1968-1971

* Third Degree Black Belt / Tae Kwon Do 1976

* Black Sash / Northern Shaolin kung Fu(Tiger Style)1979

* U.S. Army 1980-82 Radio/Telephone Operator

* Hand to Hand Combat Training R.O.K. Special Forces

* Camp Casey, South Korea 1980-81

* First Degree Black Belt / Hapkido 1981

* Taught Tae Kwon Do At Fort Hood, Texas 1981-82

* S.T.R.E.E.T. Combat Defense System LLC Created 2004

* Member of the National Security Alliance / Women's Safety Network 2005 (Expired)

Certified Associate Instructor

International Association of Close Combat Professionals/June 2007

* Certified Level I Kettlebell Instructor

* Granted by Michael Skoggs of Elite Kettle Gym Portland, Oregon June 2010

* Member/Instructor Cane Masters International Association Exercise and Self Defense System * Grand Master/Creator Mark Shuey Sr. Granted June 2010

Lord’steven Michael Smith
Skills Include:

(but not limited to)

Lord’ Steven Smith
10 Lesson Self Defense Course
International Association Of Close Combat Professionals


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