Teen's Self Defense

Level 1. Course Basic S.T.R.E.E.T Defense

3 Hour Course

That right, we teach teens, BUT did you know that a parent MUST attend also? This way, as the teen matures, their parent can continue to train them.

(Only 20 Participants allowed in any Course.) Talking to teens about safety is tough. As they mature and become increasingly independent, you want them to be responsible, without sacrificing rich, full lives. In this Course, they will learn to recognize “red flags,” plan safe exits from iffy situations, and practice self-defense techniques (just in case) using age-appropriate language and concepts.

We teach teens how to use their eyes, voice, and body language to effectively avoid confrontation. This Course includes awareness exercises to hone instincts; boundary-setting drills to create assertiveness; and discussion highlighting safety concerns facing young men, women, LBG and trans-youth. Subjects include: violence in relationships, bullying in school or on the internet, sexual abuse, defending against an attacker with a weapon, finishing with a brainstorming session that focuses on how they can be safer.

Like all our Courses, we keep our teen class small in size to ensure that everyone has the best learning experience possible. Our Basic S.T.R.E.E.T. Defense Course for teens is a short and affordable opportunity for them to begin self defense training. Attendees of this Course will come away knowing how to use verbal boundary-setting and de-escalation techniques, how to avoid being an “easy target,” and how to assess when a physical response to aggression is necessary.


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