Women's Self Defense

Level 1. Course Basic S.T.R.E.E.T Defense

Evade And Escape

(Note: if you have been the victim of violence, you may find some of the subject matter contained in our training to be disturbing or traumatizing. Even if you are in the process of recovering from violence and abuse, you might wish to consult with a mental health professional before participating in these Courses.)

This course introduces the student to the way robbers, sexual predators, and rapists behave and act, how they select targets / victims, and gain access to them. This session is not overly concerned with the different types / categories of sexual predators, but rather the practical measures taken to not become a target. We also cover the ways of identifying the patterns and actions of would-be sexual predators, as well as possible ways to disengage and escape.

Women's Self Defense

The lecture and debate section will occupy roughly half of the class period. The self-defense techniques will fill the remaining half. There will be a short break in between each section. While the lecture and debate are fixed, the defense techniques will proceed as the rest of the class dictates. All material in the booklet that you will receive will be covered.

Our three Women’s Self Defense Courses are designed to compliment one another. The abilities learned in each course are used in the subsequent course, so consecultive attendance is vital.

Level 2. Course Escape From HoldsLess

10 Hour Course

(Participants MUST first attend the Level I Course) In this course, you’ll learn basic, effective techniques to escape from wrist grabs, bear hugs, chokes, and other common holds utilized by attackers. You will learn to identify and respond to threatening individuals with powerful, assertive body language, and verbal self-defense. Role-plays and pad drills will give you the opportunity to practice escapes with full power, speed, and commitment.

You will also learn to trust your awareness, assess situations rapidly, and act with authority. By the end of this Course, you will have the confidence and skills required to establish effective boundaries, and respond automatically to real-life threats.

Level 3. Course Advanced Strikes

Can Be A Co-ed Course

(Participants MUST attend and pass the Level II Course) S.T.R.E.E.T. Combat Advanced Strikes Course was created to teach individuals the simple striking techniques used by the military, law enforcement, and other tactical agencies, to quickly stun and neutralize an attacker. You will learn about the dangerous shortcomings of "fads" and "trends" like cardio-kickboxing and mixed martial arts, and why our street-realistic, close-combat methods will get you home secure & ALIVE!

Advanced Strikes

This course will take your self defense to the next level through realistic, staged encounters where you will be attacked by different opponents in different ways. It is important for women to understand that while a single individual may hesitate to carry out an assault, a person can become emboldened by the anonymity of a group, with such encounters often ending in sexual assault. Group attacks often revolve around competition, where the victims are seen as "prizes," or sources of entertainment. If attacked by multiple assailants, the choice to comply will usually end tragically. Fighting for your life is the only viable alternative.

Women generally find our advanced course to be the most exhilarating. The training energy level peaks as you learn to fluidly move, flow and strike, even using assailants against each other. With the completion of this Course, and the incorporation of the self protection techniques learned in prior Courses, you will possess all the self defense skills needed to deal with armed, unarmed, and multiple attackers, and emerge victorious.


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